Agricultural consultants

Living Water Global Cooperative provides professional consultancy in growing crops, livestock, fish farming as well as agro-business. Their approach of consulting consists of on-site visits and off-site (telephone & e-mail) support. This way, the cooperative makes available to its members advice, support, and feedback not only when the consultant is present, but for the whole growing season.
Consultancy in growing crops, livestock, fish farming as well as agro-business
Team constantly updated with best agronomic practices
Commitment to providing the best agro-consulting services to its members
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Skills training

Living Water Global Cooperative offers skills training across the following sectors and in conformity with the Cooperative and Societies Act: Agriculture, Retail and Trade, Construction and Engineering, Real Estate and Property, Art, Design and Textiles, Mining, Oil and Natural Resources, Credit and Finance, Healthcare, and Tourism and Hospitality.
A wide selection of skills training courses for all church members
Empowering saints and building families
Highly trained consultants
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